The busy International Kite Festival season is well under way for another year.  There seems to be more events every year with at least one event every week.  The week just been being a very busy one for the Peter Lynn Kites Team.  Gav Mulvay attending the Otaki Festival in New Zealand.  Craig Hansen attending the Rosebud Festival in Australia and myself, Simon Chisnall, at the Cha-am Festival in Thailand.

They were all successfull events.

The Cha-am International Kite Festival is held every second year, but is usually held at the the Rama VI Army Camp, this year they decided to try something different and hold it on the beach of Cha-am.  The event organizers were obviously very worried about this as it had not been held there before and the beach is very small.  They needn’t have worried as the beach was the perfect place to fly kites, steady winds, beautiful weather and excellent helpers, all making the Cha-am International Festival one of the top kite events in the world.

Many thanks to the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the kite flyers of Thailand that made this event such a success (see images below)



Happy Chinese  New Year everyone! As we welcome in the year of the horse.


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Yet again Nelson showed off what a great place it is and that it has more sun shine hours then other place in New Zealand. With perfect weather and a nice steady wind off the sea, it was great times had by all that came to Neale park to experiance the festival.

It was also a great chance to test out the new kite designed by Jan O Loughlin. The Astronaut. Click on the image of the Astronaut to find out more information.

This year I got the oppatunity to attend the Xinjin Kite Festival in Chengdu China. Meeting up with Peter after he had been at the festivals in Xiamen and Taiwan.

Xinjin is a small but well organised festival were all the kite flyers were well looked after for there stay, taking us on tours of there local attractions including the Panda zoo were they have over 60 Pandas.

The only problem with the event was the lack of wind, this can be a big problem when you are there for a Kite Festival, but everyone worked really hard to put on the best display they could in the light and infrequant winds.

On one of the days there was not enough wind for any one to fly.Then someone had a brilant idea and borrowed one of the many balloons that were tied up around the event, tied it to his kite and started to run around the feild with it. Before long everyone was borrowing these balloons, and before long the sky was full of sticked and inflatable kites. The inflatables had  just enough wind to hold preasure inside them. It made an amazing but unusual aerial display.

Simon Chisnall



This was a great event since next year is the year of the horse to show of our new 12 meter long horse kite.