The New Zealand Summer is now well and truly over, so it is time for us to do a special on our Inflatable Show Kites that we have in stock, new and used.

Below is the list of kites we have available and is sold at first  in first served.

* Easter Island Head -near new  Yellow with red accents $360 USD. SOLD

*Over Large Trilobite – used in cold colours. Click  Here to see a video with this kite in.

It is the Big one at the back.

*Mini Cat (4 meters long) in black and white $200 USD.

*Midi Cuttlefish (15 meters long) – near new in cold colours $585 USD. SOLD

*Mini Ray  $240 USD.

*Maxi Whale (16 meters long) used royal blue and white $1475 USD.

*Maxi Whale (16 meters long) New – Navy blue and grey $1575 USD.

*Astronaut – new -$404 USD. SOLD

*Midi Fish – rainbow of colours $680 USD.

* Tattoo Ray – used $1680 USD.

*Mini Gecko – dark green and black $272 USD.

*used Midi Flag Hearts – We have Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

$490 USD each.

*Midi Crocodile – used in green, brown and skin colours. Looks huge as has a tail twice as long as normal. The tail is 16 meters long. $832 USD.

* 2 meter pilot kites $45 USD each in red, aqua and black. SOLD

*12 meter used pilot kite in navy blue $195 USD.

* White Maxi Pegasus – used $2270 USD. SOLD

All prices are plus freight.

If kites are sold in New Zealand please add GST to the prices.

We are glad to announce we have some new inflatable Show kites!

A 12 meter long Pegasus kite, A 6 meter long Terry the Turtle kite and a 5 meter long Easter Island Head.
Click here to go to our Show kite page to see our full range of inflatable Show Kites.
This will not be the only thing different you may notice on our website. As well as managing to reduce most of our prices our kites are now for sale in USD.
Email Jenny – or Simon –

Great weekend at Otaki Kite Festival. Good wind, good weather, and a sky full of colour.

Otaki is 40 mins drive from New Zealands capital Wellington.

Midi ray launching and tuning video

It has been a Great year for Peter Lynn Kites. We have been lucky enough to have some awesome customers who love kites as much as we do.

During the year we have had the chance to make some interesting kites, like 18 meter long Toothless Dragon kites, Pegasus and larger than life Blue Whales.

We already have some new exciting kites planned for next year, were we hope to see all of our kite friends.

Wishing you all a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Peter Lynn Kites.